These Projects Help Give Your Home a One-of-a-Kind Touch

 - Apr 22, 2013
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These days, the flurry of home decor options can become both overwhelming and costly, which is why these helpful DIY home projects are so valuable. When it comes to decorating your home, having unique pieces can really set your space apart. DIY projects like the LEGO lamps and jigsaw carpets make great conversation pieces, and are surprisingly easy to create.

Even on a tight budget, you can use these DIY home projects to dream up new ways of adding flair to your home. The handlebar bike rack and re-purposed cot project are two examples of how you can reuse old items in completely new ways.

The best part about these DIY home ideas is that you can almost guarantee that none of your friends will have them. Take a chance and see how wonderfully quirky you can get with your home decor style.