- Apr 10, 2012
You'll be itching to dig out your bike when you get a load of these haute helmets. With the snowy months finally gone, it's time once again to take your bicycle on the open road and enjoy a physically rewarding daily commute. But, before you hop on that banana seat, make sure your cranium is well-protected and fabulously styled by choosing any one of these hip designs.

From mp3-blaring stunners to mohawk sporting head protectors, no matter what your style or destination there is a haute helmet to suit your needs. Finally, your safety gear doesn't have to compromise your style. Choose the head wear of your dreams and make a statement on and off your bike.

Enjoy the feeling of coasting effortlessly on your trusty set of environment-friendly wheels, while sporting a look you can be proud of, thanks to your hip helmet.

From Hand-Painted Head Protectors to Coif Cling Eliminators: