The Wallmann Bike Helmet Keeps Your Head and Fashion Sense Safe

 - Mar 22, 2010
References: & yankodesign
Like you, I hate the look of bicycle helmets. In fact, I'm pretty sure I didn't wear one once while riding around the city last summer. This was obviously not the smartest choice in the world but I just hate everything about the darned things--their look, feel and the way they only protect the top portion of your head. However, I may just consider wearing one again if I could find a model like the Wallmann Bike Helmet.

If you're a style-conscious health nut, you need to get yourself the Wallmann bike helmet for when you do those 20-mile rides. Designed by Stefan Wallmann, this little piece of safety couture wraps nicely around the back of your noggin, offering a simple, streamline look.