This Rave Helmet Would Make the Techno Viking Himself Proud

 - Sep 10, 2011
References: hackaday & macetech
Attending a techno party isn't simply a matter of showing up and paying the entrance fee -- you ought to sport a Rave Helmet, or something close to it.

Having attended my fair share of trance raves, I can say that half of the experience is the uplifting, psychedelic music and the other half is the bizarre "candy" that ravers often don. Candy refers to the lights, shiny pins and multicolored accessories that adorn the clothes of partiers, and the Rave Helmet is likely the coolest I've ever seen. Colored LEDs are attached to thick bundles of fiber optic cable, producing a smooth glow from atop the ancient helm. Upping the ante is an Arduino controller that allows the lights to react to the sound of the music, changing their color and brightness based on what's being played.

If you'd like to build your own Rave Helmet, it's certainly not impossible. Detailed instructions follow at Garret Mace's website.