- Jun 10, 2010   Updated: Aug 16 2011
We all were told fairytales when we were young, but does that mean we aren't interested in the "happily ever after" as adults? This cluster of grown-up fairytale innovations show that just because you have grown up, does not mean that you have grown out of loving fairytales. We just need slight alterations like adult-friendly storylines and not so happy endings.

From fairytale heroine pin-ups to Shrek weddings, enjoy these grown-up fairytale innovations.

Implications - Consumers enjoy seeing pop culture re-contextualized because it offers the viewer something familiar to connect with in a new and exciting way. Businesses can profit by reinvigorating consumer interest in old products by giving their goods an updated design.

From Fairytale Heroin Pin-Ups to Shrek Weddings: