From Sergeant Sexpot Shoots to Elegant Tattoo Editorials

 - Jun 10, 2010   Updated: May 19 2011
This Brazilian model has the ability to make your jaw drop without a moment's notice and drool over one simple pose. There's no doubt that all of Gisele Bundchen spreads are always heated and sultry--which is just fine by everyone.

Whether it's a post-pregnancy bikini shoot or busting out a Michael Jackson move, Gisele Bundchen spreads are always hot to trot.

Implications - Gisele Bundchen's killer poses and ability to model just about anything has made her one of the world's top, most versatile models. Her professionalism, golden-haired bohemian look, shimmering bronze tan and overall amazing career despite her age has managed to make her one of the fashion world's elite.