From Underwear to Eyewear, Femininity Explores a Different Side of Itself

 - Jul 15, 2011
Although playing video games is usually associated with nerdy guys who can't seem to get any dates, these girly geeky finds prove that femininity has a place among the sphere of gadgets and devices as well.

From underwear to eyewear, girls are embracing their geeky sides more than ever before. Take a cue from these girly geeky finds and unleash your inner geek if you've been trying to hide it away.

Check out these girly geeky finds and you may just be inspired to challenge a guy the next time there's a video game battle going on.

Implications - Female shoppers are embracing different sides of themselves. Contemporary consumers are not afraid to explore aspects of their identity that are not usually associated with femininity. Companies trying to stay on the cutting edge could develop their items with a broader scope of thinking.