From Paranormal Detection Gear to Paranormal Clothing Lines

 - Dec 1, 2009   Updated: Apr 4 2011
I like a good frightening, you know, the kind of thing that will give you nightmares, or will wake you up from your nightmares. These 29 Ghostly Phantom Frightovations are the perfect thing for anyone who is craving a taste of the afterlife, from paranormal detection gear to paranormal clothing lines.

Implications - Scaretainment is huge amongst today's demographic, particularly because of a rising fascination with the paranormal in pop culture. Films and books such as Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, Twilight and Vampire Diaries are setting a spooky tone for recent entertainment, signifying a shift in the way the prototypical ghouls and goblins of history are perceived in today's fearless society.