Reveal Supernatural Spirits With the Ghost Hunter EMF Meter KII-Deluxe

 - Oct 8, 2009
References: thinkgeek
Who ya gonna call? Ghost Busters! But wait, you have to make sure you’ve found a ghost before you make that call—they’re probably super busy around this time of year. Make sure you’ve got a real live (er, dead) ghost on your hands with this ghost hunter gear, the Ghost Hunter EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency, for all you non-supernatural-enthusiasts) Meter KII-Deluxe.

The Ghost Hunter EMF Meter KII-Deluxe is modeled after the meter used on the "Ghost Hunters" TV show and is able to detect fluctuations and spikes in electromagnetic fields, which is "characterized by many as signs of paranormal activity," according to Think Geek. They are quick to point out, however, that their ghost hunter gear may not actually find you anything paranormal.