The Soothingly Ghoulish Kaspa Light by Ilsa Parry for Halloween

 - Oct 31, 2009   Updated: Aug 8 2011
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Ghosts have never been cuter. The Kaspa light is an adorable addition to your Halloween decor that's too cute to go away with the other decorations. I guess you'll have to start thinking now for reasons why you still have the ghostly Kaspa light come Christmas time. The ghost of Christmas Past, perhaps? Done.

The Kaspa Light comes in two different colors, and could be made even more colorful with some spookily colored bulbs.

Implications - It's really reassuring to know that this is what modern influences on products has -- an environmentally friendly yet still spooky Halloween light. Who would have thought we'd ever make it this far? Here's to hoping parents see the importance in lessening the crushing weight felt by our Earth by investing in small eco-victories like the Kaspa Light by Ilsa Parry.