- Dec 9, 2011
Geometric shapes and abstract patterns are no longer a thing of the past as rad and raging geometric designs ruled the runway this year, meaning geometric fashions are still in.

These geometric, gaga-inspired garments are a hot high-fashion style that incorporates folds and origami shapes, making a seriously bold statement. From futuristic countryside collections to geometric mens' collars, the irregular lines and patterns swims through every fashion, be it sassy swimsuits, men's wear or women's couture.

Even lavish lingerie has adapted to geometric and angular lines, showing an elegant, yet contemporary take on sensuality. So if you have abstract and irregular-shaped dresses stocked away in your wardrobe, now is the time to flaunt what you've got with style and panache.

From Grand Geometric Gowns to Spiked-Spine Smocks: