Basic Elementary School Shapes Inspire Haute Collections

 - Feb 28, 2009
References: balenciaga & style
I was thrilled to see structured, geometrically-inspired looks walking the runway for Spring 2009.  Now more than ever, this look is taking shape in the collections of many very well-known designers and popping up in surprising places during NY Fashion Week. 

Last year we saw Balenciaga, holding the rightful status of pioneer when it comes to this look, walking carefully constructed clothing and iconic, geometric shoes down the runway. This season, designers are taking on the look in a number of ways, with many taking the term 'geometry' quite literally and working wonders with basic elementary school shapes. 

Most surprising were the more classic and streamlined designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Calvin Klein upping their game and taking turns down some unexpected avenues. Even Chanel rose to the challenge and vamped up the classic tweed suit, giving it a sculptural and very contemporary feel.