The Pattern by Yuan Gui Mei is Flushed with Florals and Geometric Forms

 - Mar 3, 2011
References: models & fashioncopious.typepad
A very fitting title has been given to The Pattern by Yuan Gui Mei, and my only correction would be to render it plural. Offering up an array of elaborate and flamboyant fabrics, this Vogue China editorial reminds its readers not to fear more ornate fashions.

Styling by Ling Wu has infused these spreads with everything from chili red sequins and bold geometric motifs, to soft stripes and flourishing floral textiles. Fei Fei Sun stands next to a suited male model, completely outdoing him with her looks completely flushed with color.

The Pattern by Yuan Gui Mei does more than explore the garden of garment possibilities, and continues on to turn ornamentation out of accessories. Scarves, sashes, jewelry, bags and shoes even begin to burgeon with biological life, bringing flowery fashion to all aspects of the wardrobe.