Jonathan Saunders Puts The Focus on Fashion By Binding Hair in Black Caps

 - Feb 17, 2009
References: shinystyle
Jonathan Saunders Fall/Winter 2009 show was filled with pieces that appeared to be exceptionally striking due to the fact that there was no distracting makeup our wild hairstyles. A collection inspired by a bad hair day, perhaps?

The Jonathan Saunders Fall/Winter 2009 show featured models with their hair tucked tightly inside black caps, forcing the eye to look at nothing but the couture that swished down the catwalk against a backdrop of dramatic crimson.

Golden brocade dresses, metallic fabrics and tights were among notable pieces at the Jonathan Saunders Fall/Winter 2009 fashion show. The collection was heavy on prints, from florals to geometrics, which were all easy for the eyes to drink in thanks to the capped away tresses.

Was this truly done to accentuate the artful fashion masterpieces, or was it secretly an attempt to cut back on budget by eliminating the need for hefty-priced hairstylists instead? Only Jonathan Saunders knows…