- Jan 22, 2013
Today's top trends tap into the imagination and explore the unknown through unusual photography, futuristic home decor and seemingly uninspired art.

Advanced technology and forward-thinking designs come to mind when one thinks of interior design of the future, however, industries are ushering in products stripped down to the essentials, exuding minimalist and simple aesthetics. This is seen in the Industrial Pipeline Lamps created by Emandes of Poland. Additional products and more in-depth analysis can be found in Trend Hunter's 2013 Trend Reports.

Unusual art is also featured in today's top trends. London artist D*Face finds inspiration from discarded trees for his work in Dead Christmas Tree Art, while photographer Julie De Waroquier portrays dreamlike scenes featuring a young girl in her pajamas, roaming the streets of an abandoned town coming face to face with different obstacles.

From Dead Christmas Tree Art to Futuristic Home Decor: