The Refined Classy Photoshoot is Open-Mouthed

 - Jan 22, 2013
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The Singles Korea Refined Classy editorial displays model Veronica Zoppolo with her jaw literally dropped. In each shot, Zoppolo's lips are parted as she posed in outfits put together by the talented stylist Eun Ji Jung.

Jung was aided by photographer Hong Jang Hyun during the production of Refine Classy. The two brought their personal expertise to the table, seen in Jung's oversize head gear and Hyun's light grey backdrop. The refined element can be picked up on in Zoppolo's sheer collared shirts, ivory scarves and bone white flare pants, items that are often central to classy outfits. The pops of color that came from the pink floral petals and deep red lips added bold updates.