From Peach Pit Sculptures to Quirky Food Depictions

 - May 20, 2011
Fruit has never looked so fresh, with these numerous products that are inspired by anything from oranges to bananas. Whether you're a fan of undies with a spritz or adorable fruity kicks, these zesty fruit-themed products are energetic and fun.

Even ads are using fruit-inspired themes to show off just how sensational their products can be. The Wusthof Knife ad uses an apple carved with intricate detail to show off its cutting-edge skills. Fashion especially is using specific fruity designs or colorings to show off their products. The Converse Fruit Pack Shoes are covered in both strawberries and lemons to give these sneakers an extra kick.

So what's the moral of this list? When life gives you lemons, start marketing with any kind of fruit you can possibly think of.