This Colgate Dental Floss Campaign Eliminates Tricky Pips

 - May 11, 2011
References: yr & adsoftheworld
It wouldn't be worth your effort to pick all of the seeds off of the outside of a strawberry, nor to pluck them out of a sliced kiwi, but this Colgate Dental Floss campaign suggests that using the hygienic string after you eat is as good as removing the fruits' kernels beforehand.

Getting seeds stuck between your teeth can be frustrating, and even more so if you don't realize it in advance of making several public smiles. This dental care product can't promise to eliminate such embarrassing situations, but the message is that if you use it right away, it's perhaps as if the foods never got wedged in your incisors to start. The Cerebro Y&R advertising agency is responsible for this Colgate Dental Floss campaign, which succeeds in delivering a clean message in a way that's easy for the public to interpret.