- Jul 11, 2012
These cutting-edge flower and plant keepers reflect the innovations that have gone into updating traditional home decor.

While some of these finds are certainly more daring than others, it's undeniable that this is a form of home goods making huge strides in terms of design. Many looks integrate the earthy feel of plants themselves, and are made from natural materials giving off an eco-chic vibe. Others, on the other hand, are downright bizarre, creating a statement all by themselves. Some planters are extremely minimalist and reflect a move toward the simple in terms of interior decoration. Understated pots tend to allow for whatever flowers or plants are put in them to stand out on their own instead of competing with the holders.

With huge variety and increasing popularity, these vases and planters are sure to please green thumbs and decor enthusiasts alike.

From Hardened Cloth Decor to Pet House Planters: