The Maya Dekel ‘Home Jewelries’ Vases Use Wool to Depict Wildlif

For some people houseplants are a hassle, so instead of getting a tacky plastic shrub check out the Maya Dekel ‘Home Jewelries’ vases. These whimsical woolen flower units combine flowers with their container to produce one inseparable and aesthetically interesting textile unit. Enjoy this hassle-free and artistic houseplant that is anything but high-maintenance.

Through this stunning collection, Israeli-born Dekel has created unique woolen and yarn creations that add a peculiar new perspective to traditional houseplants. Using Merino wool and various yarns, Dekel constructed these mixed material vases, which she commonly refers to as "jewelries." Through the linking of the flower contents with the container, an object referred to as an "eternal vase" has been constructed. The Maya Dekel ‘Home Jewelries’ vases are an unique interpretation of the oh-so familiar flower vase.