From Geometric Puzzle Vases to Abstract Bottle Vases

 - Mar 4, 2013
If you're tired of the ordinary run-of-the-mill planters and looking for something sleek and sophisticated to hold your flowers in, then these fabulously modern vases are a fantastic way to deck out your home decor with some stylish yet practical items.

Vases are traditionally designed with a simple exterior aesthetic, being outfitted with either a spherical or linear shape. With modern day taste in design continuing to evolve, everyday items are changing in order to keep up with the demand for new and exciting creations. These wonderfully modern vases are some great examples of ordinary products that have been designed with stylish and sleek exteriors, to cater to those looking for a more elegant way to hold their flowers.

From vases that are geometric in shape to those that are minimalist in design, these wonderfully slick designs will make showcasing your flowers even more visually expressive.