The Tyvek Vase is a Lovely Sculptural Item Intended as a Temporary Wrapper

 - Feb 1, 2013
References: cargocollective & dezeen
Jiwon Choi has made her Tyvek Vases so carefully and beautifully that they look to have been sculpted in ceramic. It might surprise you to discover that DuPont Tyvek material was used to craft these stem holders; they are essentially of waterproof paper.

The designer curls up the sheets and folds them precisely so that they bear long lovely creases from round base to tapered top. The narrow openings of the objects can accommodate the arrangement of just a small bouquet of flowers, and in an instance such as this, less is more.

You can use Tyvek Vases as proper display-grade centerpieces; however, they are intended for eventual recycling or repurposing. The polyethylene fiber pieces should change form one day, just as their contents will eventually decompose.