Jo Vases are a Contemporary Play on the Elements of Form and Color

 - May 16, 2012
References: & muuuz
Assuming that your home won't always be filled with the delight of fresh flowers, it's nice to have a vase that can act as decoration when empty. This pair of Jo Vases by Eric Jourdan adequately holds its own, acting as sculptural art with a convenient second purpose.

True to the designer's characteristic style, the contemporary vessels are a formal play on curves and de Stijl planes and blocks of color. One side of each flask takes the shapely figure of a bottle while the other is a flat wall rising nearly to the top.

Albeit otherwise quite similar, the Jo Vases by Eric Jourdan differ in more than the blue or red ceramic glazes that brighten up one face. The opening in one is much longer than the other, yielding space for a bigger bouquet or shorter stems.