These Vanity Vases are Aesthetically Pleasing but Physically Insufficient

 - Jul 11, 2012
Stem holders are usually intended to be functional objects that double as decorations in their own right. These Vanity Vases flaunt a fetching irony in their difficulty to perform their task, in favor of appearing beautiful.

Sabrina Fossi has designed a pair of flower stands, one that takes a stout circular shape and another with a bulbous bottom and an elegant elongated neck. Both have very flat-looking forms, for in depth they are only about 1 centimeter thick. For this reason, neither can stand on its own so they need to be bolted against the wall above the shelf on which they sit.

The Vanity Vases are therefore also short on volume. Just one or two holes in the top of each one permits the placement of a single floral stem.