The Flower Holders by Hadar Glick is a Poetic and Philosophical Collection

 - Sep 18, 2012
References: design-milk
Flowers and loss often go hand-in-hand; Hadar Glick has decided to marry the two in a poignant vase collection. Whether flowers are displayed during the funeral rite or they are given to someone in mourning to express condolences, Hadar Glick has channeled the thoughtfulness of such blooms in six stunning vase designs.

A recent graduate of Holon Institute of Technology, Israeli designer Hadar Glick
explores the poetic nature of vases and the flowers they hold. Empty vessels when not in use, his sculptural vases literally embody the idea of loss. They also symbolize death as the flowers held within wilt and fade with time. Nevertheless, the vases themselves will endure, carrying with them the memory of past flowers that have rested within them.