Shari Mendelson Comments on Waste, History & Culture Through Her Work

 - Apr 28, 2012
References: sharimendelson & itsnicethat
Artist and sculptor Shari Mendelson takes the humble plastic bottle and turns it into imaginatively ornate vases. Aside from the occasional recognizable logo or shape found in such bottles as the POM one, a viewer wouldn't be able to guess the materials' original state. Stunningly manipulated, the bottles have been deconstructed, constricted, expanded and more to become works of art rather than practical drinking vessels.

Based in New York City, Shari Mendelson was inspired by "historical ceramic, glass and metal artifacts" when creating her latest works of art, according to her website. Discarding the juice, soda and water in the bottles she collects, Shari Mendelson cuts them into pieces and reassembles them, transforming the plastic trash into pieces that comment on issues of waste, history, culture and the relative value of objects.