From Massive Chess Sets to Art Deco Bathrooms

 - Aug 18, 2013
With a hand in everything from contemporary furnishings to exclusively designed collectibles, Jaime Hayon is a visionary designer who has a penchant for the whimsical and the daring.

Leading an inspired lifestyle is easy when surrounded by the various products in this designer's extensive collection as his pieces are never boring and always put an exiting spin on the traditional. Porcelain figurines become magically fresh and vibrant with his imaginative touch while entire restaurants and houses alike become more inviting and luxurious when filled with his body-embracing furniture and pop art-inspired fixtures.

From multi-legged cabinets to trashy tableware, designer Jaime Hayon wants to fill your home with whimsy and wonder, creating an Alice in Wonderland vibe that is mesmerizing in its beauty yet still welcoming.