Fadeless Vases Arrange Flowers for Preservation and Presentation

 - Aug 23, 2012
References: designsoil.jp & notcot.org
These Fadeless Vases have been designed to do something that very few decorative vessels can accomplish effectively. They have been conceived to create and to display dead blossoms rather than lush living ones.

The assortment of pieces that make up the Design Soil collection by Nobu Miake can be installed in different orientations so that fresher flowers can be cinched into them for upside-down suspension. There are two circular trellises of this sort, one rectangular one and a crooked linear one as well.

Once the stems and petals in these little hanging lattices have become sufficiently dehydrated, to preserve the plants longer term, the Fadeless Vases' fancy frameworks can be reversed or rearranged to allow for the upward display of the once-living natural ornamentation.