This Vase from The Cottage Industry Gives You a Closer Look

These magnifying vases from The Cottage Industry take a new perspective when it comes to floral arrangements. Sick of the boring, run-of-the mill vases that lack inspiration, The Cottage Industry offers magnifying vases that allow people to take a closer look at their flora and fauna.

With a strategically built-in magnifying glass, look at your favorite flower's petals in a way you've never before. Daffodils, orchids, daisies and roses won't ever look the same again.

What stands out most about this unique way to display flowers is the minimalist design. Leonardo DiVinci once said,"Simplicity is sophistication," and this product proves it. Chic, elegant and fabulously original, say goodbye to boring table centrepieces and hello to a new era of modernist table decor.