The Prosthetic Vase by Shay Shafranek Actively Keeps Plants Alive

 - Jun 29, 2012
References: shayshafranek & fastcodesign
The Prosthetic Vase offers a new perspective of the traditional flower holder. Shay Shafranek, the Israeli designer behind the creation, dramatically observes, "An average 21st-century human wishes to bring nature into the home environment. He cuts it from its life source, sentencing it to death and puts it in a special coffin, a preserving vessel in which the flower will slowly but surely wither and die." Inspired to make a change, he dreamed up the Prosthetic Vase.

Equipped with glass capillary-like tubes, the Prosthetic Vase provides artificial roots that help to actively keep the flower alive rather than letting it slowly rot away. A complex creation, a few prototypes were created to try to perfect the process. Nevertheless, Shafranek notes, "The concept of this specific vase is not its functionality but the story it tells."