The Flood Vase by David Raffoul Recounts a Story of Post-Storm Rebirth

 - Jun 21, 2012
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The Flood Vase by David Raffoul demonstrates just what imagination can be infused into a simple object. An effective bouquet holder need simply be a waterproof vessel after all.

But the designer strove to be more poetic in his conception of this pair of charming jars, each shaped like a cylindrical thatched shack with a tall and slender smoke stack poking out of the roof. The delicate glass decorations form spectral outlines with their transparent shells, become more visually substantial towards their bases with soft opaque coatings.

Each Flood Vase by David Raffoul may be part of a larger collection under the Fabrica brand for Secondome, but they tell a beautiful story of their own: "Two houses were flooded and heavily damaged by the storm. A flower grew from the heart of each house and through its chimney. The final result was a beautiful landscape of many flowers, each one hinting the presence of a house."