From Pumpkin-Flavored Marshmallows to Caramel-Stuffed Licorice

 - Sep 11, 2015
These flavored candies are re-imagined versions of classic confections, specially created to celebrate a festive seasonal occasion.

There are a multitude of holidays that people worldwide love to celebrate with candy and confections. For Valentine's day, the pink icing comes out and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates fly off the shelves. Halloween and Easter are holidays almost entirely centered around sweets. As Halloween approaches, families get ready with their boxes of treats -- every household has its own traditional favorite. Easter requires its own special varieties of chocolate, since everything has to be egg or bunny-shaped.

These uniquely flavored candies found ways to stand out from the crowd for each holiday. For example, peeps -- traditionally an Easter candy -- brought itself back for Halloween by introducing a pumpkin flavor!