From Faith Hill to Ghandi

 - Oct 22, 2008
Faith Hill recently celebrated her 41st birthday by appearing on the cover of 'Shape' in a bikini--no easy feat for a mother. Celebrities and regular folk alike tend to go all out on their birthday, and there's no better day to do so.

After all, we celebrate someone else's birthday all year long, so it's only right we party twice as hard on our own, right? Google is perhaps the only corporate entity that values its branding more than Faith Hill does--it honors its birthday each year with a unique themed logo.

Some celebrities choose to televise at least part of their birthday celebrations. Faith Hill hasn't done so, but Britney Spears will televise part of her festivities, including a performance of "Womanizer," on 'Good Morning America.' And Rachael Ray sliced up a perfect miniature replica of her television studio for her guests and crew on her birthday.

Even deceased individuals' birthdays are used by devoted fans and followers to promote change. John Lennon, for example, enjoyed the unveiling of the Imagine Peace Tower from above on his birthday. And Gandhi's 139th birthday was celebrated with the world's largest smoking ban. Faith Hill's cover on 'Shape,' while still an amazing celebration, pales in comparison to these posthumous parties.

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