Employee Birthday Celebration at Burger King

 - Aug 13, 2008
References: arbroath.blogspot
A teenager in Xenia, Ohio sparked an investigation by the Green County Health Commissioner after he celebrated his birthday by taking a bath in the washing up sink of a local Burger King restaurant. As if that wasn’t enough, videos were also posted on MySpace and You Tube. What was he thinking?

He is seen in a bubble bath pouring water over himself with a sanitizing solution bucket. The video taper actually reported the incident to the manager who ignored the whole thing and continued to count cash.

Bathing in a sink meant to wash dishes and utensils is a definite no-no as the bacteria from his body will be deposited there.

This is definitely not the kind of publicity Burger King needed. Burger King has taken swift action to get rid of all the contaminated articles and dealt with the employees involved in the video. The remaining staff have been given appropriate health and sanitation training.