Birthday Colored Cigs from Heupink & Bloemen

 - Jan 30, 2008   Updated: Aug 11 2011
References: heupink-bloemen
For years Heupink and Bloemen Tobacco Company, Netherlands, has strived to change the otherwise generic taste and appearance of everybody's favourite carcinogen.  The Dutch company has rolled out a series of coloured and flavoured cigarettes, ranging from the chocolate flavoured Black Devils to the vanilla infused Pink Elephants. 

With flavours and colours designed to meet all tastes, these cigarettes are sure to attract a whole new generation of smokers. 

Implications - The allure and glamour surrounding cigarette smoking may be harmful to the health of many, yet it is understandable when one considers the biological appeal. Since the beginning of time man has attempted to control fire, an illusion that is provided in cigarette smoking. Further, the veil of smoke created when smoking adds to an allure that is now associated with sensuality. This, combined with many tobacco company's obvious attempts to further glamorize smoking, will ensure that cigarettes never go out of style.