From Spicy-Sweet Smoked Meat to Coconut-Infused Flapjacks

 - Jun 23, 2014
Examples of gourmet breakfasts is an every-growing list as professional chefs and amateur cooks continue to share their creative culinary creations with the world. Inspiring each other to take their dishes to the next level, people are experimenting not only to create strangely delicious recipes, but also to refine the palates of the everyday eater. Food has never been more fun to eat, especially since quality is becoming a number one concern.

Whether that entails pulling inspiration from other cultures as with a Middle Eastern waffle hybrid or fusing two meals into one for a truly decadent dish, these examples of gourmet breakfasts will have people's mouths watering in no time. Although remixed meals is a particularly big food fad, a focus on healthy gourmet ingredients are as well for those who are health-conscious.