From DIY Glowing Cocktails to Educational Drinking Games

 - May 13, 2013
Whether you’re going up to the cottage or staying home, the May 24 weekend is bound to involve some type of alcohol in some form, at some point in time. Celebrate your long weekend more decoratively this year with crafty ideas like glowing cocktails or educational drinking games.

With smartphones and tablets, long weekend can easily get more informative and creative. Alongside traditional drinking games and activities, pull out beer-related infographics like CollegeHumor’s "What kind of drinker are you", the liquor personality chart, beer battle cards or interesting beer facts for a good laugh. For wine lovers, there’s a "wine calorie counter" inforgraphic available. There’s also a "Hangover cure" infographic for the morning after.

Drink-related gadgets and accessories are also fun. Beer-opening sunglasses can serve as convenient as well as multi-functional. There are also electronically-wired cups that add Facebook friends every time they clink—another fun and convenient device that saves you from forgetting friends’ names.