See What Type of Drinker You are with CollegeHumor's Infographic

 - Apr 10, 2013
References: collegehumor & foodiggity
There are many different types of beer drinkers out there, so why not try to see where exactly you might fall within this humorous beer-drinking chart? CollegeHumor's Nathan Yaffe offers a graphic illustration on the certain types of beer guzzlers that exist in the world.

The infographic illustrates the common types of beer drinkers that one could come across in such places as someone's basement, a bar or college frat party. From the Guinness-discriminating snob to the gulping party man, the chart showcases in humorous fashion the types of beer drinkers that people have undoubtedly come across at some point in their life.

The different types of beer drinkers that the infographic showcases is somewhat representative of how people actually behave, although at times greatly exaggerated.