Hangover Helper Helps People with Moderation Issues

 - Apr 11, 2013
References: confused & designtaxi
Like most aspects in our life, drinking if taken without moderation can lead to various unwanted results, and this hangover curing infographic provides alcohol drinkers various remedies for the common alcohol-induced ailment.

For people in North America, the common cure for a night of drinking is to usually engorge themselves with a plate of greased-up fried foods such as fries, bacon, eggs, poutine and pizza. Other countries however, like to indulge in ox blood vegetable soups, toasted sandwich with lamb intestines, raw eggs, pickle juice or even more alcohol.

There hasn't been any conclusive scientific study done to prove which hangover cure will best rid you of your night of debauchery blues, but trying out all these peculiar remedies sounds like fun, and provides you with a good enough reason to get hungover.