From Avant-Garde Toga Attire to Draped Neckline Fashions

 - Oct 16, 2013
While revealing clothing may have once been popular on the runways, these chic draped fashion looks are showcasing that layers and covering up can be just as sultry and sophisticated.

Draping is a wonderfully unique type of fashion styling that involves the technique of using copious amounts of material to layer and overlap one another, often creating a beautifully loose-fitted and oversized ensemble. While draping the body in layers of material may seem a bit extensive and overbearing, these draped fashion looks are demonstrating that the meticulous designs of these layered ensembles can actually serve to accentuate the form and structure of these models.

From cultural street couture to ravenous rouge runways, these draped fashion examples are showcasing that covering up doesn't have to mean looking dull or boring.