From DIY Delicate Lace Flats to Heart-Shaped Shoe Clips

 - Aug 30, 2013
Constantly buying a new pair of shoes from the store can be quite the expensive hobby, but these DIY footwear activities are offering fashionistas some crafty alternatives to adding new shoes to their collection.

DIY activities are a fantastically cost-effective way to make items or products that are customized and personalized to your taste. Therefore, why not have some fun with your shoe collection and add some sparkly accents or handmade creations? A great way for fashionistas to add their own charm and style to their accessories, these DIY footwear activities will surely make any pair of kicks something people will remember.

From slippers creatively made from upcycled blue jeans to heels and flats accentuated with gold stars and lace, these DIY footwear activities will definitely add a unique flair to any collection of shoes.