These DIY Gold Tip Shoes Bring Flirty Vibes into One's Fall Wardrobe

 - Oct 15, 2012
References: studs-and-pearls
A transitional shoe trend from summer to fall is the capped toe look and, with this DIY gold tip shoes tutorial, one can easily update their old fall boots. Creating your own capped toe is simple with this easy, non-labor intensive tutorial.

Simply have on hand (or purchase) liquid gold paint, paint brush, tape, paint brush, scissors and boots. Begin by taping off the area you want gold; make sure to tape the sole of the shoe as well. Mix the paint in the jar and begin by dipping your brush into the jar and brushing it onto the canvas; add two coats minimum. Let the boots dry and proceed to remove the tape. It's simple to create DIY gold-tip shoes.