The Goth Reform Space Vans Tutorial Rocks Your Old Sneakers in a New Way

Too many people I know have an old pair of Vans lying around, and if you're among these people with the comfortable skate shoe, this Goth Reform Space Vans Tutorial will definitely catch your eye.

The Goth Reform School blog shows you how to transform your old Vans into new ones again. Using household items like paint and a toothbrush, the Goth Reform Space Vans tutorial is as easy as an art project for school. You basically paint over the old design of your Vans and then use a toothbrush to flick specks of white paint over it; creating a Milky Way inspired look.

Be inspired to wear your Vans again with this Goth Reform Space Vans tutorial and you will out of this world.

Implications - Consumers are seeking out products with a more hands-on approach. Items that allow customers to be more actively involved in what they wear are appealing to those who like to experiment with their look. Designers could focus on this desire for more freedom in choices in order to appeal to a wider audience.