15 Groundbreaking Diesel Ad Campaigns That Push Fashion Limits

 - Feb 7, 2009
The Diesel brand does not follow fashion trends but rather breaks their own ground, a trail others ensue. Edgy, stylish and sometimes controversial, the creative types behind the name continually develop searing hot ad campaigns and innovative editorials.

In particular, over the past year Diesel has pushed the limits with campaign videos including "Meat Puppet," "Bathing in Strangers" and "Dance Party."

Diesel print ads include dark surrealism for Spring/Summer 2009 and models on the run for ‘Live Fast.’ A masculine clenched fist bottle emphasizes the company’s hard-hitting theme for the brand’s first men’s fragrance, "Only the Brave."

The brand includes the Diesel Back Gold label, Diesel Kid, fragrances, handbags and footwear.