- Jun 27, 2013
These decadent beverage recipes are perfect for those looking for something sweet and over-the-top to consume in the warm summer weather.

While cocktails and summer beverages are often filled with fresh fruits, spices and alcoholic beverages, these decadent recipes are rather incorporated with scrumptiously fattening dessert creations that will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth. Incorporating such recipes as ice cream, cakes and candy creations into the actual beverage, these overly sweet and creamy drinks will certainly act like more of a dessert than liquid creation. From caffeinated campfire chillers to cozy beverage cakes, these decadent beverage recipes are taking ordinary drinks to a whole other level.

Fusing beverages and dessert creations into one extremely sweet recipe, these decadent drinks will certainly have anyone who tastes them, feeling stuffed and satisfied.

From Guinness Chocolate Floats to Alcohol Ice Cream Shakes: