53 Extraordinary Examples Of Body Paint

 - Feb 11, 2009
Body Paint: It’s beautiful, it’s controversial, it’s artistic and edgy. It’s as hated as it is loved, but body paint is an undeniably prevalent and powerful way to harness viral attention.

Generally, body painting often involves the painting of a fully-naked human body, hence the controversy. Body painting can also refer to the painting of individual sections of the body and not require nudity at all, such as painting of hands or feet.

In the last months, Trend Hunter has upped the amount of body paint articles we have featured on our front page, and their level of creativity and innovation only seems to increase.

This cluster highlights some of the most unique body paint innovations we’ve seen, from body paint used in advertising, to body paint used to generate awareness for animal rights, to that which is purely used to capture narcissistic attention.