From Literal Book Bags to Unpretentiously Chic Cases

 - Nov 22, 2011
Any fashionista worth her salt knows that no wardrobe is complete without a few dozen covetable clutches thrown into the mix. Their timeless elegance and simplicity of design make these hand-held numbers the perfect picture of lady-like chic. With just enough room to fit all your essentials, the clutch is the perfect companion for any occasion.

This collection of covetable clutches demonstrates not only the popularity of this petite purse, but also its adaptability to a wide-range of lively designs. From tough-looking clutches sporting brass knuckles to quiet beaded numbers that would make the late great Grace Kelly proud, anyone of these clutches are enough to turn heads. Made using everything from alligator to eco-friendly materials, the perfect clutch to suit every taste, occasion and outlook is sure to be found in this list.

These covetable clutches are fashionably creative and timelessly classic.