The Judith Lieber FEED 1000 Clutch Provides Meals to Hungry Children

Judith Lieber has set the bar extremely high with the design of her high-fashion and socially conscious FEED 1000 clutch. In collaboration with FEED Projects -- a company that feeds thousands of young schoolchildren with the proceeds and sales from its line of bags -- Judith Lieber has designed an exquisitely beaded clutch to raise money and awareness for starving children around the world.

With each purchase of the chic and glamorous FEED 1000 clutch, FEED Projects will team up with the UN World Food Programme's School Meal Initiative to provide 1000 meals for underfed and malnourished children around the world. The FEED 1000 clutch marks the company's largest donation to date and can be purchased online at the Bergdorf Goodman website for $495.