- Oct 3, 2014
While white girls everywhere are continuing to obsess over all things pumpkin spice right now -- especially pumpkin spice lattes -- there are still lots of other tea and coffee flavors to consider for any time of the year. Many people don't like the taste of regular coffee, even with lots of cream and sugar added. This is where flavoring helps. Others simply like fun tastes, so they incorporate that into their caffeine routine.

Most of these coffee flavors are based on existing food flavors. This often involves plant-based produce like fruit-flavored coffee drinks, coconut chai lemonades, lemon flavored lattes and bubbly pumpkin teas. Other food-incorporated flavors include maple bacon coffees, biscuit-infused java tasters and chilled cereal flavored java. Some of these caffeinated beverages also integrate alcohol such as whisky-brewed coffees and wine-inspired teas.

From Nature-Infused Tea Enhancers to Alternative Autumn Lattes: