Technologies and Designs that Deliver Safe H2O

 - Dec 30, 2011
A lack of access to clean water is a major global issue, but at the same time, it's also a field receiving mass attention, research and innovation. Above is a cluster featuring clean water innovations from around the world that focus on a wide range of issues including disaster relief, sustainable solutions for supplying clean water to the majority world, new water purifying technologies, and designs that may help make water available in desert regions.

The cluster includes current products and systems already in place, concept designs, keynotes on clean water innovations, and profiles of organizations and businesses that have incorporated water-related social innovation into their purpose.

Along with the rise of awareness for the lack of clean water in the world has come an increased focus on providing solutions for this urgent social issue. These innovations are coming from independent designers, student competitions, charities and organizations devoted to finding a solution, and from top minds at global research institutes.

Best of all, we're seeing an increase in products and services that allow everyday consumers to give back and support the solution process, ranging from taking part in crowdsourced fundraising platforms to purchasing products from social businesses like Project Living Well and Wunderwasser.